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Mobile Block Making Machine QTY4-30

Brief Introduction:
QTY4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine is a newly developed block machine by our company. It takes advantages of hydraulic and machinery equipment, follow the principle of "low cost, high performance".

QTY4-30 block making machine

Its hydraulic system and mechanical design complement each other. The operation is very simple and it no needs pallets, greatly reducing the cost of pallets.
The main vibration form is mould vibration thus it realizes stronger vibration with less power. Supplemented by hydraulic pressure, it can make blocks with higher density and better quality as well as the blocks made by large-scale machine. By exchanging moulds, it can make various kinds of blocks.

1. QTY4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine does not need pallets which can greatly save the cost of pallets.

2. QTY4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine do not need special foundation. Putting it on flat ground is OK.
3. QTY4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine is equipped with some wheels. Operator can control its moving. After forming one mould of blocks, the block machine will move to another place to form the next mould of blocks, like laying eggs. It is also called egg-laying block machine.
4. The lifting and down and block forming of QTY4-30 hydraulic mobile block machine is controlled by the hydraulic system which can save worker's energy. Besides, the hydraulic also can provide some pressure to form the blocks.

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