Automatic Stacker

Automatic Stacker
Brief Instruction:
Power: 13.75KW
Slewing Angle of Rotary Table: 360°
The Layers of Stacking: 6 Layers (Standard Blocks)
The Rated Loading of Stacking: 400kgf
The Rated Height of Stacking: 1200mm
This system uses the patented technology: there is a high efficiency, multifunctional and power-saving coordinate-type robot in this stacking system. This kind of robot could work much more efficiency, power-saving and reliably than the traditional stacking system. The traditional longitude and latitude stacking system needs large space to work, but the new patented technology coordinate-type stacking system needs less space. It can help customer to install high efficiency and power-saving automatic block making system in the space, but the size of space is limited. The cougarⅡcoordinate-type stacking robot uses the new technology: The stacking robot uses the special synchronizer device, this device would keep the blocks stability and reliably. The stacking robot system uses intelligent electric control system, advanced balance system, linear bearing and accurate track to ensure its stationary and accurate location.
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